What I’ve Been Up To

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Since my last post explaining my break from blogging I’ve been a little busy bee. It’s only been about three months, but it feels much longer.

However, I’m back on a trail run. Just to see how blogging settles into my lifestyle. As I have a lot less free time now.

But enough of that, lets see what I’ve been up to:


First and foremost, I’ve transitioned from beingΒ a part-time worker to now being full-time. So mostly over my break I’ve been working, and with the Christmas period it’s been hectic! But now it’s a new year and the craziness has died down, hence the reason for the trail period. To see if work and blogging can co-exist without me going insane!

Celebrating my birthday

As some of you may know, my birthday came and went. On December 12th I turned 23! And the way I celebrated my birthday was with my two best friends, up London seeing The Dreamboys! As you can see from the pictures, I had a blast and it was the best birthday I’ve ever had.

23rd Bday 12.12.2015 - 10

23rd Bday 12.12.2015 - 9

23rd Bday 12.12.2015 - 2

Catching up with friends

After school you think you’ll still see your friends every week and never lose contact. Well, nothing ever goes the way it’s planned. Seven years later (wow, that’s gone quick!) and I’m still friends with a few, but I only see them about 2-3 times a month. Which is fine by me, we all have busy lives. Being committed to work, partners, other friends and even parenthood for some. So on the days we meet up it normally includes shopping and/or food.



As mentioned in the previous paragraph, shopping! If anyone knows me I love shopping, even if it involves me not buying anything, just the event of going shopping I love. Sometimes I go with friends, family or alone. It’s like therapy, helps me to de-stress and relax. So be prepared for reviews and #ootd posts!

ootd 1



Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not a party animal by any means, I rarely go out. But New Year happened and birthdays, which resulted in a lot of invites out. I mean, I’m given an excuse to spend numerous amount of hours around makeup and pretty outfits, of course I’m going to say yes! And I enjoyed myself immensely, I got to see old friends, meet new people and just have fun.

NYE 2015.6


Since my last post I’ve had a new tattoo, meaning I have two now. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (jadiespillett) you would have seen it already. My tattoo is located on the left side of my wrist, saying “Ohana”, which means family in Hawaiian. Its linked to an inspirational quote and film that resembles my life.

Ohana tat


One of the most important things I’ve done was give myself time, just to do as I please. This was non-existence before the break. So I made it a priority to have alone time, which was spent relaxing, reading and many other things. This not only helped me to have a better relationship with myself, but with others as well.


And that’s it!

I enjoyed my time away and now I’m back, feeling refreshed and ready to devote time to blogging. My aim is to post once a month, instead of every 5-7 days. As that was too much pressure, instead I’m going to start gradual, and build up from there.

Thank you for your patience, I’m truly grateful!




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