Pressing Pause

Pressing Pause

I made my blog over a year ago with the intention of seeing it through the good and the bad.

I’ve learnt, grown and experienced things I never could without my blog. I love having my own section of the internet, doing with it as I please.

But today I’m pressing pause on my blogging journey. My life has changed since starting my blog, and what was once an enjoyable hobby has turned into more of a chore.

I work full time now in what is currently a demanding job, usually during daylight hours. So I find it hard to take decent photography in artificial lighting. My free time is limited, which I try to spend it with friends and family.

What also didn’t help is that I accidentally deleted all my blog post ideas and drafts. Loosing at least six hours of work and photos.

I know these are a bunch of excuses and I should suck it up and carry on. But I need to sort out my priorities, before I can give my blog the time it deserves.

Don’t worry, I will still be on my social media links, mainly snapchat (jadiespillett) I’m not completely disappearing! Just cutting down the hours I spend online and focusing on my life.

Hopefully you guys understand and will be patient until my return. I promise I will come back! I can’t give a date when, but I’m hoping sometime after Christmas if possible. I’m not ending my blog, just pressing pause.

And that’s it … for now.




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