Review | Freedom Makeup Pro Shade & Brighten Mattes Palette

Freedom Makeup Matte Palette Review

Freedom Makeup has been out for a while now, being known for its affordable prices and variety of makeup to choose from. But is the quality any good?

I mean for them prices we wouldn’t expect it to be that good, which I’m not going to lie and say it’s the best ever. But for the asking price it really is good. I have the Freedom Pro Shade & Brighten Mattes Kit 1, which consists of six matte eyeshadows and one shimmer highlight costing £2.50.

The colours are more on the nude size and complement each other, it’s great for defining the eyes. Have you noticed how small the palette is? My iPhone is bigger than the palette, which works for on the go people, very travel friendly. But don’t worry, you can still fit your eye brushes into the shadows easily.

Freedom Makeup Mattes Palette Review

However, the pigment is nothing impressive. You can build it up to your desired colour after a few applications. The texture is slightly on the chalky side (which can dilute the colours) but smooth and doesn’t irritate my eyes. As for the lasting power it’s about average compared to other drugstore palettes.

Overall? You get what you paid for, and maybe a bit extra. I love the palette, don’t get me wrong but it’s time consuming trying to build the pigment up. However, their shimmer palettes are much better as well as their other products. They do have some great bargains! You can check them out for yourself here.

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