Relaxing At The Zoo


The main reason why a friend and I wanted to go to the zoo was because in the afternoon we were invited to an all-you-can-eat restaurant. So what better way to build an appetite then walking around the entire day staring at wild animals?

The last time I visited a zoo was six years ago, so I couldn’t tell you how excited I was! The weather was on our side, traffic was smooth and there wasn’t too many people at the zoo.

My plan was to take a spare pair of shoes and bring my makeup to touch up just before heading to the restaurant, but then I though, “Hold up, your look doesn’t have to be on point everyday”. So instead of releasing my inner diva and looking in a mirror 24/7. I decided to embrace my flaws and have a relaxing day, enjoying the company of friends and appreciating life.

Tiger Lions

The zoo was the place to forget about social media and to unwind. I’m not saying I needed it, but having a break every now and then can really do you some good. It was fun watching the children get excited about certain animals, and we even got to walk with the lemurs!

Gorilla Colobus Rhino

I was most excited about the elephants, but in the end fell in love with the gibbons. They were the most energetic, one even came up to the glass window. But the animal that fell in love with me was the Dhole, one in particular would follow me around the side of the cage. I even split up with my friend to see who it would follow, it came with me!

Dholes Gibbon Elephant

Of course, I try to be a versatile blogger. So I got some outfit shots, which were ok but we didn’t want to spend ages trying to get the perfect shot when there was so many fascinating creatures around us.


Top // New Look

Cardigan // Primark

Jeans // H&M

Bag // Primark

Shoes // Topshop

Overall, the day was perfect. We did build up a huge appetite and didn’t eat till we reached the buffet-style restaurant. Where we ate more than our money’s worth! Our friends were shocked how much we managed to eat, and that’s not including the dessert we also had to have!

And that’s it!




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