Mini Freedom Makeup Haul

Mini Freedom Makeup Haul

A brand that has great quality and low prices is hard to come by, which is why when one shows its face, grab it! And buy everything before it’s gone. Freedom Makeup is a great site for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or adding to your collection.

My main reason for making a purchase on Freedom Makeup was because a work colleague loved the lipstick I was wearing from them last week. And of course, there’s no point in buying a lonely lipstick when the P&P would cost more. So cheeky mini haul it is!

The lipstick my colleague wanted was the Pro Lipstick in 117 Juicy Lips which I love, it’s moisturising and has good lasting power, and for only a pound it’s great. Next, I browsed through their shadow collections. Loving the miniature palettes, great for on the go and the matte one had my name all over it! So the Pro Shade & Brightening Mattes Kits 1 went in my basket for only £2.50. I have tested the palette since it arrived and it’s lovely. Of course, I had to buy a base for my eyeshadows, didn’t I? The one I wanted was out of stock, so instead I purchased the Mono Eyeshadow Base in 205. Which is a nude/yellow and is meant to be great to build upon, I haven’t used it yet but hopefully soon.

And that’s it!

Just a quick post showing you that you really can spoil yourself without breaking the bank, have you brought anything from Freedom Makeup? Let me know below.





4 thoughts on “Mini Freedom Makeup Haul

  1. I love Freedom makeup, although it seems that not a lot of people really know about it. They have great quality for the price, and I haven’t tried a bad product yet! I did a beauty review for fall essentials that has some great products, check it out!

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