Neglected Products | Learn To Love Again!

Neglected Makeup

For a girl who has “too much makeup” in some people’s eyes, there’s bound to be times products are neglected, or pieces are stuffed at the back of my drawers and forgotten.

Well the other day I was bored and had a rummage through my makeup drawers to find hidden treasures.

Sleek Contour Kit

This use to be my go to contour kit in college, back then I didn’t know the difference between bronzers and contouring so I use to do both with this. I was forever repurchasing, but now I’m more educated in makeupย and experiment with different products, and this kit got pushed to one side. However, I tried this one the other day and I’m in love again, of course I know how to use it properly now and it’s amazing.

Elf Eyebrow Kit

I went through a phase of buying numerous eyebrow kits to find the right one for me, this one I loved the colours but not the brush included, one end had a tiny angled brush and the other end looked like a fluffy blending brush, weird thing to include in anย eyebrow kit right? Then the trend of darker brows came out and I forgot about this kit, but I’ve toned my brows down now and fallen back to this kit. Plus, the fluffy brush end works well to fill in my brows quickly and cuts down time!

Essence Mosaic Compact Powder

We’ve all had those days where we’ve brought items out of boredom, this was one of them. I was fascinated by the pattern and thought I’d give it ago, it was pretty cheap anyway. Then the whole matte products came out and no one was interested in shimmers, so neglected this became! Only recently have I decided to not always follow the trend and do my own thing, so I tried this again and it looks lovely on my skin. The shimmer is just the right amount to give me a natural glow look.

And that’s it!

Remember, you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing. Yes, we don’t want to be left out, but take a step back and think, is it really for me? I stopped following and fell in love with old favourites that work best for me.

Hope you enjoyed and feel inspired to rummage through your own cosmetics!




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