A New Brand Is Here…

Travellers' Trading Co.

Does anyone else get excited when a new brand is on the horizon? I know I do. Technically, there’s three new brands that all work together in order to provide clothing and accessories to us in the UK.

The lovely people at Travellers Trading Co. have created their new business to deliver us premium leather accessories and comfort wear straight from independent South African companies.

Travellers' Trading Co.

Currently, they are working with two businesses. One being Hamsa, which provides yoga and comfort wear. But the other company is my favourite! Called Jinger Jack, which is based in Cape Town and created by designer Claire Van Turenhurst.

Jinger Jack

Jinger Jack offers a range of leather handbags, satchels, purses and belts. With one of their most popular products being the Kuala Lumpur Sling Bag. I love the pop of colour on the inside, the whole design screams luxurious but practical. What’s not to love?

Kuala Lumpar Bag

Of course, premium items come with a higher price tag. But I say it’s definitely an investment, soon as I saw that bag it went on my wishlist. With prices starting from £18, why not have a look for yourself here.

Travellers Trading Co. are the sole distributor in the UK, but their items can also be purchased on Amazon.

And that’s it!

Hopefully you enjoyed this little insight to the new companies making an entrance. I enjoy nothing better than finding unique brands and exploring what companies have to offer.




This is a sponsored post.


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