Makeup I Would Buy Again

Makeup I Would Buy Again

There’s not many products I absolutely love, when a product runs out it has to amaze me to purchase it again or I’d move on to the next best thing.

But when I stumble on to a loved item it’s there for life….Or until the manufacturer discontinues it!

Poundland Nude Eyeshadow

Where I have oily lids it’s a nightmare in keeping mascara from transferring onto my lids, but I’ve realised if I use eyeshadow on my lids it becomes a barrier and prevents smudging. However, I don’t always want colourful lids, so I found this shade called ‘Nude’ which it literally is! You can’t see the colour on my lids but it puts my mind at ease from thinking I have mascara on my lids, plus it’s only Β£1!

Barry M Contour Kit

I feel like this kit is made for my skin shade, the colours are spot on! Everything is matte and the pigment is great. I love the bronzer shade, most I find look orange but this one is more of a brown/red tone which works perfectly for me.

BareMinerals Well Rested Brightener

Came in a giftset and I don’t know if I can buy it on its own but I love it. On the days I tend to skip concealer I use this and I still look wide awake and like I got over 8 hours sleep! I have used similar products but none of them are as bright as this one.

Benefit Gimme Brow

An impulse buy as I was sucked into the hype of this, btw, it’s definitely worth the hype! I’m one of the people who over pluck their eyebrows (it’s a curse) and so this is a little superhero. It gives the illusion of fuller brows and keeps my eyebrows in place all day.

And that’s it!

What’s your favourite makeup items?




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