Review | L’Oreal False Lashes Superstar Mascara

Super Star Mascara

Being a mascara addict I’ve had my eyes on the L’oreal Superstar mascara for a while now, but due to past experiences with the two-step white primer I’ve stayed away. However, during an impulse shopping trip this may have accidentally stumbled into my basket.

SuperStar Mascara

The Superstar mascara claims to give super-sized, super-long, superstar lashes. The double ended mascara has a two-step system, with the white brush being the volumizing primer that helps to thicken lashes and the black brush to lift and lengthen lashes with its fibre enriched formula.



White Mascara

White Mascara

First Coat

First Coat

Second Coat

Second Coat

Whilst applying the white primer it was hard to see if I coated every lash, plus the brush dipped in the middle making it harder. Once satisfied I applied the black topcoat and was shocked at how easy it was to cover the white on my lashes, previous similar mascaras I would struggle or end up making the lashes clump.

Overall, I like the mascara. It definitely does what it claims to do, the only down side is making sure the white coats every lashes which can be a bit time-consuming. I’ll admit I’ve had better results with a regular mascara but this one does helps keep my lashes curled throughout the day.

And that’s it!

Have you tried this mascara yet?




8 thoughts on “Review | L’Oreal False Lashes Superstar Mascara

  1. I’ve been using this mascara for a month or so now and I agree I stayed clear from it for a while due to bad experience with mascaras with a white primer but the white is so easy to cover up. I use this paired up with the maybelline lash sensational and it gives such a fuller look! Great post and pics. Thanks!

    1. Oooh, I’ve never tried the sensation one from Maybelline, I agree with mixing different mascaras though as it’s giving better results. May need to try this Maybelline one 🙂 thank you! x

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