New Found Favourites

New Found Favourites

Don’t you just love when you find an item and feel like it was made with you in mind? Some purchases may take time to warm up to, other may fail all expectations. But some are just born to love.


This product came to me in the form of winning a competition. La-Roche Posay have a competition every Wednesday on their twitter page asking people what product of theirs everyone would like, one person is picked to receive their wish and I was one of the lucky ones! This toner is great for people with oily/spot prone skin and works a treat, it’s refreshing and leaves a nice cooling effect.

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray

Having oily skin in the summer weather is a nightmare! You spend time applying makeup, making yourself feel beautiful just for your creation to melt off a few hours later.  That’s why I love this setting spray, basically like a hairspray but for your face, this Urban Decay spray keeps my makeup on for ages.

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Recently, I’ve been crazy for brown mascara, loving the natural glamorous look. This mascara gives my lashes length and a flared out look to make my eyes look big and bright. True, it’s not my favourite mascara, but it’s the best brown mascara I own and it does a really good job.

Brow Bar To Go

Forever seeing this brow kit on Instagram and always wondering if it’s really as good as it’s claimed to be, well I can finally say it is! My favourite part is the wax, most I’ve tried have a gloopy texture or feel too thick but this one is just perfect, and the powders are the right shades for my brows.

And that’s it!

What are you loving at the moment?




10 thoughts on “New Found Favourites

  1. really want that Urban Decay Setting Spray (I’ve used one of their other ones before)! plus everyone loves the brow bar to go – wouldn’t mind giving that a whirl myself 🙂 great post, lovely 🙂 X

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