How To Survive Bad Hair Days


Bad Hair Days

If you’ve never had a bad hair day I envy you, it’s a common problem all of us face from time to time. Waking up looking not so flawless with unmanageable hair, but I’ve got a few tricks to help you battle that mane.

Fight it

Having dry shampoo can be handy to disguise oily roots and a quick solution. However, if your hair is more on the limp side then I recommend using a volumizing powder at the roots to get some definition. If you don’t own any don’t worry, backcombing your hair will give you the same effect.

Hide it

Nothing wrong with throwing on a hat to cover that mess, anything from a beanie to a fedora will work. Or why not try being creative with a scarf to camouflage your hair, yes, it may mean people will be looking at your hair, but for all the right reasons!

Embrace it

If you can’t beat it, work with it. Hair styles such as the sleek ponytail or bun would be perfect and makes it look like you’ve done it on purpose. Also, braids work better on second/third day hair, there’s more texture for you to work with.

And that’s it!

Hope I could help and thank you for reading, do you have any more tips to add?




2 thoughts on “How To Survive Bad Hair Days

  1. I love this post, such good ideas! I tend to ’embrace it’ which usually means shoving it up in a bun and focussing on my makeup instead… I never wear hats or scarves any more but I will be investing in some this autumn to survive my (many) bad hair days!
    You sent me your link in the #bbloggers chat on Sunday (finally getting round to going through the links I was sent!) and I’m now following you on Twitter and Instagram – I’ve tried following you via bloglovin but the link isn’t working for some reason?!
    Nicola x (@itsneecola)

    1. Thank you! Haha I’m the same sometimes, try making the makeup flawless to take the focus away from the mess up top! It’s lovely to hear where you found me from, I shall be checking out yours too 🙂 as for the Bloglovin, I have not idea, sorry!! x

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