A Day At The Museum

NHM Header

I’ve noticed for someone who claims to be a “lifestyle” blogger I don’t write much about my life on here. Likely due to constantly working, blogging or just doing normal boring things.

But spontaneously, a friend and I decided on our joint day off to explore and do something different for once. Which is where the title comes in (and this blog post!), we decided to visit London and go to the Natural History Museum.


Jumper: Missguided

Vest Top (underneath): New Look

Jeans: Boohoo

Shoes: Timberlands

Bag: New Look


Overall, I loved it! There was interactive pieces, games and the building itself is beautiful, the ony downside was hitting rush hour on the way home (typical!). I’d love to explore more in the future, but right now they’re rare occasions with tight budgets and limited free time.

Hoped you enjoyed reading/viewing and please tell me if you would like more posts like this.




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