Review: ShoeLicks


Bored of your plain heels? Feel like something is missing? Ever heard of ShoeLicks?

There a business devoted to #PimpYourHeels with their stickers, giving your high street heels a touch of uniqueness!

I first heard about this brand through the television show Dragon’s Den, and since then they seem to be popping up everywhere, including being sold at River Island. With a range of designs that fit all sizes at £2.99 it’s not hard to see why.

So I thought I’d see what all the fuss is about, and try the stickers Art Of Peacocking* and Flamboyant Flamingo*.

Each pack includes a set of stickers and instructions, now the way to do it is by their three basic steps, which is imprint, cut and stick.

ShoeLicks Instructions

However, I found it quite hard to get the shape right and decided to draw around the shoe sole, cut outside the line then stick and cut the excess off. It does say in the tip section you can use a hobby knife and in other reviews they found them to be helpful.

ShoeLicks - Drawing ShoeLicks - Cutting

I did make a mistake on one sticker but it wasn’t noticeable and it didn’t matter as people can’t see the flaws when your shoes are on the ground.

Overall, I loved the finish look and did get compliments from friends and family. The Only Downside is shaping them, I’m no good at crafty stuff so it took me longer than it should have. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea to jazz your heels and it’s the perfect time to try with spring here, meaning weddings!

Art Of Peacocking

Art Of Peacocking

Flamboyant Flamingo

Flamboyant Flamingo

Why not try for yourself here and get your first pair for only £2.00 (33% off) with the code: pimpmyheels

And that’s it!



*Read disclaimer page


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