What’s In My Bag? | Concert Edition!

What's In My Bag?

Soon I shall be attending a Lawson concert and if anyone’s like me, they plan early! From the travel all the way to what’s going in my bag.

Of course, the essentials are there like phone, keys, purse etc. Never leave the house without them, it’s become a habit to check before I leave to make sure I have them. In addition, can’t forget the tickets, pointless without them! Plus, it’s important to stay hydrated so I’ll be taking a bottle of water as it tends to get hot in enclosed spaces.

Since it’s a concert I plan to take my camera to take pics and record not only the concert but my day around London, so I’ll be taking spare batteries as well as a portable phone charger because anyone who has an iPhone knows the battery never lasts!

Now comes the fun bit, I’ll be taking some makeup pieces to touch up throughout the day, including blotting sheets to control my oily face and my Real Techniques retractable kabuki brush. Maybe a lip balm as recently my lips have been on the dry side and face powder because a shiny face is not attractive!

And that’s it!

Any events you’re going to this year? Tell me below.




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