Ways To Get Bigger Lips

Bigger Lips

For a while now it’s been all about Kylie Jenner’s pouty lips, how did she get them? How do we get them? Here’s some ideas to help achieve the perfect pout!


This will stimulate the blood flow of the lips and helps create temporary swelling, you can do this with your toothbrush or E.L.F Cosmetics have a great lip exfoliator, just make sure to moisturise after to restore the softness.


It’s like any workout, using the muscles results in them getting bigger. Of course it’s a process that you need to be dedicated to, if you do the following exercises everyday for a few weeks you should start seeing results.

  • Whistling 3-4 minutes a few times a day.
  • While pouting move your lips side to side for 5 seconds each time repeating 10 times everyday.
  • While pressing lips together repeat step above for same duration everyday.


Lip liners can be your best friend or worst enemy depending how you use them, make sure the liner is within one to two shades of the lipstick to avoid the unflattering border look. When applying go just outside of your natural lip’s line to create the illusion of bigger lips and blend with the lipstick. (Tip: Using concealer on the edges of your lips helps to hide the natural line.)

Lip plumping glosses irritate the skin slightly to increase blood flow which helps give the appearance of fuller lips. You may feel tingling and/or a heat sensation after apply which is the product taking effect, the plumpness should last between 2-6 hours depending on which product you use.

Contouring can help also, the way to do this is by contouring the area between your lips and chin slightly to fake a shadow effect caused by big lips.


  • Biting or licking your lips as this causes dryness.
  • Applying too much gloss, you don’t want to look like you’re drooling do you?
  • Lining too far outside the lips with lip liner.

And that’s it!

Just a few ideas to hopefully help you out, do you have any extra tips? Comment below.




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