Haul | Beauty & Fashion

Haul | Beauty & Fashion Recently me and my sisters went on an adventure to a large shopping centre in another town, boy it was a great day! My feet were killing me by the end of the day just walking around the entire place it was so huge, but I did get some good buys. Now before we begin I’d like to point out that my sisters are more into fashion then makeup so I didn’t get to enjoy the beauty counters as much as I’d liked to. Boo! And I’d like to point out that I’m not trying to brag in anyway, I’m simply showing my purchases in hope you get inspiration. Let’s start! Primark The main reason we wanted to go was for the three story Primark, three stories people! I’ve never seen a Primark store so clean with a variety of items in a range of colours, I must have spent over an hour in there and I regret not buying some items. Primark Split Back This top was on a manikin and at first glance I thought it was a basic t-shirt, until I walked pass it. I don’t know what made me look back but I’m glad I did, the top has a split up the back which is only revealed when doing certain movements. Business in the front, party in the back! Primark Blouse Can never have too many blouses I say, this mint green one was to die for! I love this shade and the simple design, great for business and casual wear. Primark Brow Kit I may have a mild addiction to eyebrow kits so how could I not get their own one at a bargain of a price, the only downside is that the double ended brush doesn’t have an angled end, instead it contains two blending style brushes. Primark Liquid Lipstick in '10 Nude' I’ve always been a fan of their lipsticks so this time I decided to try their lipgloss, mind you it was a liquid lipstick. I picked a neutral colour just to test it, if I like it I’ll buy more in different shades. This shade is ’10 Nude’. Forever21 Forever 21 Body Chain Isn’t it frustrating when you see items you like but they don’t have your size, well I had that experience here people. I must have picked up five items but none had my size, so ended up just buying a body chain. It was the simplest one but very cute, if I could I would have brought all their jewellery, the quality and style for them prices it’s a bargain! FootAsylum Converses If you know me by now you would know most of my trainers are converses, it’s a preference thing! So when I see a pair on the sale rack, in my size and a colour I don’t have I, just take my money already! Mac Mac Studio Fix Fluid & Pro-Long Wear Concealer I may have freaked out when I saw Mac had their own store, instead of a little counter in the department stores. Obviously I had to go in there, and I finally got matched to their Studio Fix Fluid and Pro-Long Wear Concealer, hallelujah! Let me tell you people, I’m pale, I assumed I’d be NW20ish but turns out I’m NW13 (foundation) & NW15 (Concealer). My face was priceless when she said the shades, nevertheless I was a happy customer. And that’s it! Overall, I left smiling with a dent in my back account. What beauty/fashion items did you buy last or planning too? Thank you for reading and hoped you enjoyed, love Jadie


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