Feeding your makeup addiction (Budget Style!)

Feeding Your Makeup Addiction (Budget Style!)

I love makeup, simple as that. But my addiction has caused a dent in my bank account, so I had so cut back right? Wrong! I found ways of making my money go further.


If you’re interested in an item you can ask for a sample of the product. Some companies can be funny and refuse but what’s the worst that could happen? It helps businesses with sales and you not spending a penny, plus if you don’t like the item you haven’t wasted anything.


Certain brands let you recycle your empty containers for freebies, such as mac or Lush. I haven’t done it myself but heard a lot of it.


Don’t ignore them! Reviews can be lifesavers in making bad choices, if the majority of people are saying negative comments I tend to not buy it.


Makeup stores sometimes put the sales or budget friendly items anywhere other than eye level. Meaning you’re less likely to see them and more likely to buy the high-end items. It never hurts to have a look around as you may find some bargains.

Read YouTube Descriptions

Like watching YouTube beauty videos? Remember to look at the description as some have discount codes for products featured in the video.

Signing up to newsletters

Remember some online sites give discounts if you sign up to receive emails, take advantage!

Discount Websites

Avoid shopping on the brands own websites as they normally don’t have sales on them. There are websites designed to sale makeup at a lower price than the retail label, such as Fragrance Direct. Be careful when looking at these sites as some maybe fake.

Avoid shipping costs

I tend to spend more than what I need just to avoid shipping costs, but another way to avoid it is but placing an order with friends or family and sharing the shipping costs.

Cash Back

When buying online (and sometimes in store) there are websites that offer money back when going through their site first than being directed to the desired website, also if you refer people you earn money!

(Here’s mine!)

Quidco: http://www.quidco.com/user/4936236/1982417/

TopCashBack: http://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/itsmejadie

Drugstore doesn’t mean cheap

I use to be naïve and think if its high-end it’s the best, how wrong I was! Over the years I’ve found out that’s not the case, some of my favourite items are drugstore brands.

And that’s it, just a simple post on ways to save whilst getting your beauty fix! Hope they help you out and thank you for reading.




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