Review: ELF Blush Palette (Light)

Elf Palette

Elf cosmetics has finally answered my prayers and created a blush palette, so of course I had to get one. And what type of blogger would I be without giving you lovely people a review?

The palettes can be purchased at their website ( for £7.95 which consist of four colours in a sleek black case with a full size mirror and available in two shades, light and dark. With my fair skin I decided to buy the light shade which contains a cool pink, warm tan, rosy pink and warm coral.

Elf Palette

Web Description: “This beautiful blush palette holds 4 gorgeous shades to mix and match throughout the year for a custom blended color. Great for contouring, shading, sculpting, and highlighting, these silky smooth blushes create a beautiful pigmented glow. With a mixture of complimentary matte and shimmer finishes, you can achieve a professional look every time.”

The blushes are mostly matte colours with the exception of the coral shade which consist of gold glitter, however when applied to the cheek It’s hardly noticeable. When I first applied the blush I was shocked by how pigmented the shades are, let’s be honest I looked like a clown! I’m so use to applying extra with the old elf blushes that I expected the palette to be the same, bad move Jadie!

Elf Palette

Compartment wise, I noticed the blushes can pop out but I don’t see this as a good feature at the moment as on the website they don’t sell single or empty palettes. Other than getting both palettes and mixing the shades around the pop out feature is useless.

Also, on the web description it mentions it can be used for highlighting, now I’m fair skinned and just by looking at the shades I can tell you none of them are light enough for me, it may be possible on darker skin. In addition, the web description states that you can contour. Now bronzing I agree but contouring? No, the blush is too warm for defined contouring in my opinion.



  • Travel friendly
  • Not tested on animals
  • Highly pigmented
  • Generous size mirror
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting


  • Appears chalky if too much product is applied
  • Pop out function useless (at the moment)


It’s great for the price and I’m considering get the darker shade, I’m hoping elf will sell empty compartments so I can take individual blushes out with me or simply create my own palette. I just need to remember to use a light hand next time!

Thanks for reading, love



7 thoughts on “Review: ELF Blush Palette (Light)

  1. This set looks lovely, I do have to agree that it’s a little weird that you can remove them when they aren’t selling single products or palettes. The colours look gorgeous but I don’t think they’d be for me as I tend to be a little hard handed when it comes to apply blush hehe.

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  2. I love the look of this palette and debate every time I go on their website if I should buy it or not! I just wish there were more brands that did affordable blush palettes out there – blush is one of the things I just can’t do without.


    1. Elf cosmetics is an amazing brand that gets taken for granted, more brands should be like them. Blush is my go to product when coming into spring 🙂 x

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