How Long Does Makeup Really Last?

Makeup Expiry Dates

Is it too much to ask that makeup never expires or dries up? Unfortunately.

So here I am giving you the bad news of when it’s time to throw out you’re makeup. (sorry!)

It’s always best to look on the back of the products to find the individual dates. This will be a picture of a pot with an open lid showing a number and letter.

Expiry dates

This image shows ’12M’ meaning it has 12 months after you have opened it, after this it’s no good.

However not all makeup will have expiry dates so the info below can be your guideline for when it’s time to bin and an excuse to spend on new makeup. (You’re welcome!)

– Foundation: 12-18 months depending on type (E.g. Liquid,Β gel etc)

– Concealer: 1 year

– Powder: 2 years

– Pencil eyeliner: 3 years

– Mascara & gel liner: 4-6 months

– Eyeshadow: 3 years

– Lip liner & lip glosses: 2-3 years

– Lipstick: 1-2 years

– Nail polish: 1 year


– Sponges: wash weekly, discard monthly

– Brushes: wash every 2-3 months, increase if used more frequently

(Remember: ifΒ it smells, looks funky or changed texture significantly before expiry date then throw out!)

Useful tips


– Store in a cabinet/drawer

– Wash hands before using

– Write on product the date when opened in permanent ink

– Tighten/secure lid after use

– Consider the climate as this can shorten a products ‘shelf life’


– Pump your mascara

– Store in direct sunlight

– Purchase products with broken seals

And that’s it!

Hope this was useful and you enjoyed reading.

Much Love



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