Budget Friendly Lipsticks

Budget Friendly Lipsticks

Everyone loves to spend without braking the bank, this month I sort of went overboard with lipsticks, however I’m not left broke as they were only a few pounds each!


Original Lipstick £1



Mua Lipsticks Mua Lipsticks





From Top: Shade 9 & Shade 11

I’ve always been a fan of MUA, this was the brand I would buy when I was in school earning pocket money. They’ve never disappointed me and the quality has always been amazing, I just wish the store near me didn’t get rid of it!



Matte Lipsticks £1.50



Primark Lipsticks Primark Lipsticks







No names/numbers so we’ll call them Pink, Red & Brown

In my opinion the past year Primark’s cosmetic section has got better. On my last trip I found these matte lipsticks and if you know me you know I’m all for matte! Sadly there’s not a variety but for £1.50 I’m not complaining.



Original Lipstick £1.95



Elf Lipsticks Elf Lipsticks





From Left: Classy, Seductive, Fantasy, Voodoo, Charming

I just love ELF in general, the whole cheap but good quality thing is right up my street. I love how vibrate and moisturising they are. However, there’s two downsides, when buying online the colours don’t exactly match the description and the packaging is stiff when twisting the lipstick. Nevertheless, it’s not too much of an issue for me.



Long Lasting Lipstick £2.30



Essence Lipsticks Essence Lipsticks









Left to right: 08 Colour Crush, 02 All You Need Is Red, 01 Coral Calling

This brand only recently came into stores where I live so of course I had to check it out! I love how they glide on smoothly and have high lasting power. There are cheaper lipsticks in this brand that I’ve yet to purchase due to shops not having enough stock near me.



Lasting Colour £2.99



Collection Lipstick Collection Lipstick





03 Sugar Plum

This is a recent purchase and I’ve only worn it once, it’s very sparkly which I didn’t expect and had to apply a few times to see the colour but on the plus side it’s moisturising and has a selection to choose from.

And that’s it!

Hoped this helped and you enjoyed reading.

Much Love



8 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Lipsticks

    1. They’re so affordable it’s great! There’s so many it’s hard to choose but from a few pounds each you can’t go wrong 🙂 Thank you for reading! x

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