ELF Haul

Elf Haul

I have no excuse as to why I went overboard with this elf spend but at least you get a blog post!

For a while I wanted to buy some elf brushes and see if they were worth the hype.

Elf Brushes


(From top: Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Flawless Concealer Brush, Professional Blending Eye Brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush & Retractable Lip Brush)

I haven’t tried the powder brush yet but all the rest I love. Now they’re not as soft as my Real Techniques brushes but they don’t irritate my skin or break the bank so it’s a win for me! The blush brush fits nicely on my cheek and picks up the right amount of product, I like to lay the brush flat on my cheek and pat the blush on my face to give a subtle colour to my face. The blending eye brush is a decent size and rounded on top so I can easily blend shadows in the crease, however, my eyes can sometimes be sensitive. So if I’m doing detailed eye shadow makeup I find the brush can start to irritate if a use it excessively. Now the angled eyeliner brush is ah-mazing! Its small bristles are hard and pointed to help me create perfect eyeliner wings every time, I normal use it for gel liners but it can be used to transform eye shadows to liners. Lastly is the retractable lip brush (which silly me didn’t show you in the picture) which has a pointed end that helps me to achieve nice pouty lips, the bristles are a little bit harder than what I’m use to but doesn’t irritate me. Plus it’s retractable and small enough to fit nicely in my clutch bag for touch ups on nights out, bonus!

Elf Powder Foundation

Elf Personal Blend in Light 

I love powder foundations as it’s quick and great for oily skin. Currently I use Bare Minerals so thought I’d try Elf Personal Blend Foundation and see if I can save money every time I run out. This foundation has four compartments each with different shades, so it’s a matter of mixing them to your skin tone (but of a pain I know!). I’ve found the powders to have shimmer pigments in them but it’s not too noticeable to make you a disco ball, the texture is soft and doesn’t look powdery on the skin no matter how much I apply. However, I have really oily skin and find within four hours max I’m needing to touch up whereas Bare Minerals I don’t need to touch up till about six hours, nevertheless it’s worth buying if like me you don’t want to wear your high end makeup to work.

ELF Concealers

Elf Under-Eye concealer & highlighter in Light and Elf Zit Zapping Concealer in Light

Now I’ve recently had a super-tiny-mini breakout but any breakout is a crisis ok! So concealer is needed, I’ve only tried the zit zapping one which is a disappointment. The product itself is lovely but the packaging is a nightmare! First time I tried it I felt like my life was wasting away trying to get product out (now I know first time using makeup it takes a while to get the product to appear but this was taking longer than usual) then all of a sudden it’s pouring out! Next time I tried I twisted the bottom slowly and nothing, I didn’t want a repeat episode so put it to one side, about 20 seconds later the product finally comes out. Now I’m not sure if I got a doughy one or if they’re all like it but I won’t be repurchasing.

Elf Treat and Tame

Elf Eyebrow Treat & Tame in Medium

This a repurchase and a frequently used product. I use the ‘treat’ side the most (clear side) as part of my night routine due to my brows being a mess in all different directions, so putting this on helped the hairs to grow in one direction and stay that way while I toss and turn during the night. The ‘Tame’ side is a brow gel which was too dark the first time I brought it so this time I purchased the next shade down, I haven’t used the gel yet but am planning to.

Elf Makeup Remover Pen

ELF Makeup Remover Pen

The Pen is another repurchase and something every girl should have! It’s amazing for cleaning up mess, the pen is not harsh when removing makeup and once you’ve finished just wipe the pen clean to reuse it. I sometimes get mascara on my lids which comes right off with this pen. Plus it helps to define winged eyeliner and eyebrows, Love it!

Elf Loose Eye Shadow

Elf Loose Eyeshadow in Blueberry

I like the way the product is dispensed so its mess free and the brush tip is soft against the eye. I love the colour and how much product the brush picks up, I like to apply this on the lower lash line to give a pop of colour. However, when I was twisting the lid back on it cracked and so the lid is loose, I don’t know if this is my fault or a packaging error but it still works so not complaining.

Elf Brush Cleaner and Shampoo

Elf Brush Cleaner & Shampoo

The cleaner is a repurchase but the shampoo I had never used before, the cleaner is for in between makeup applications where as the shampoo is for deep cleanse. The first time I tried the cleaner it smelled a little fishy but not off putting, plus got a lot of the makeup off the brushes and dried quickly. However, overtime the smell has turned into a fresh smell and I have received compliments on it when using the brushes on family members. The shampoo I used recently which has a normal clean shampoo smell and managed make my brushes look brand new! It’s not harsh on the bristles or my hands when cleaning and easy to rinse off, the drying time was normal like any other cleaner but great for the price.

Elf Lip Stains

Elf Lip stains in Mysterious & Red Carpet

These are extras to avoid paying p&p, either way it was the same price so why not getting extra items instead of paying delivery. With these stains you get a gloss included as the colour comes out matte, I’ve only tried the nude (without gloss) which lasted for a while until I had to eat then it came off, I don’t know if that was because of not wear the gloss so I haven’t ruled it out. The texture at first was sticky but once dried it felt normal and wasn’t drying on my lips, it’ like any other good stain with a great price label.

And that’s it!

Please let me know if you want a review on anything (even if I don’t have it) and I’ll see what I can do!

Thank you for reading and hoped you enjoyed.

Much Love



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