Real Techniques Review


Recently I’ve been focusing more on building my makeup brush collection then my actual makeup. Which I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in love with Real Techniques!

Now for you people who don’t know what I’m talking about, Real Techniques is a brand invented by well-known Youtuber and makeup artist Samantha Chapman. They are made of synthetic taklon bristles (meaning cruelty-free) with coloured aluminium handles.

I came across these brushes by watching various YouTube beauty tutorials and they raved about this brand. So I decided to try for myself!



Stippling brush

This was my first brush as it’s known to be versatile and i didn’t want to commit to a collection straight away. Well let me tell you it’s amazing! The bristles are a little firm but not harsh on the skin and blends product onto your face nicely. It can be used for liquid or cream foundation and gives a sheer coverage but can be built up. In addition, due to the size it works well with cream brushes.



Powder Brush

I love how big this brush is, I spend hardly any time applying powder due to the size covering almost half of my face! It disperses product evenly without you looking like a cake, I normally use it for loose powders and mineral foundations but have tried it with bronzer and works a treat.



Core Collection

Within comes a set of four brushes that can also be versatile. The buffing brush is more fanned out then the stippling brush making it more flexible. It’s very soft and I finds works well with mineral or powder foundation to give maximum coverage. The contour brush is more oval-shaped and the perfect size to define them cheekbones! Again it can be used for other stuff like setting under eye concealer or highlight application. The pointed foundation brush is muchΒ a an average foundation brush so I don’t really use it for the intended purpose but does work well for blending concealer. The detailer brush I only use on a bad skin day and need to cover unwanted spots, I tried to use it under my eyes but found it a bit harsh as I have sensitive skin around the eyes.



Nevertheless, any kit comes with a case which can fold into a book for on the go trips or as a stand. Plus has added elastic for if you want to put extra brushes in.






– For the price they are excellent quality and worth the buy.

– The durability is great! I’ve had the stippling brush for about a year and had little to no shedding.

– They wash well, faster drying then some of my other brushes.



– Wish some were sold separately as don’t have much use for a few brushes.

– Due to the shape of the handles you can’t fit them in a standard brush roll (guessing the reason for the case). Which is fine for everyday but when travelling with multiple brushes it can be a pain.


Overall I love them and was well worth the money. However I don’t own any high-end brushes (I’m not made of money!) so can’t compare them but hopefully that will change soon.


Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!


Much Love



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