Colourful Flower Nail Tutorial

The colder weather might be coming but does that mean we should wear dark colours? Not me! Why not prolong the summer colours with these colour flowers, they’re easy to create as well. Trust me, if I can do them, you can do them!

All products used are cheap, I’m not made of money you know! So everyone can do them, I know the yellow polish you won’t be able to get now but any bright colour for the non-flower fingers will work. (Keep in mine if you don’t have nail art pens you can use the bobby pin as your dotting tool to create the flowers.)

What I used:

  • Barry M Nude Polish
  • Primark Nail Art Pens in white, pink and turquoise
  • Barry M limited edition yellow polish
  • Barry M top coat
  • Spare bobby pin
  • Scrape paper

Lets get started!

1) On the nails that will have flowers coat them with the nude polish as your base coat. My flower nails are thumb, middle and ring finger. How many coats you do is optional, I only needed one and let that dry.

2) Start with the white art pen and draw three connective lines to create one side of a flower. Do this to three sides of your nail.

3) Once the white is dry repeat the flower with another colour. I did turquoise on two opposite sides and overlapped the white flowers a little.

4) When those flowers are dry repeat the pink on the over sides overlapping a little again.

5) Then when those flowers are dry get your bright colour polish (mine is yellow) and dab some on paper. Next get your bobby pin and stretch it to a 90 degree angle or wide enough so you can use it as a dotting tool. Place one end of the bobby pin into the polish and dot this in the centre of every flower.

6) While waiting for them to dry on the non-flower nails just coat them in the bright colour polish until they are bold and noticeable.

7) When all nails are dry coat all of them in a top coat and you’re done!

Hope you love your nails as much as me and thank you for reading!


Much Love



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