The Start Of A Beautiful Room


Hallelujah! Finally I have my own room after too many years to count and guess what people…it feels goooooood! No more sharing a TV, no more listening to their type of music and no more nicking each other’s clothes!…Who am I kidding? We still do that.

But we’re forgetting the point here people, I have my own space! My four walls (ceiling and floor) to do with as I please and I thought I’d show you lovelies my creations.

I always knew I wanting my bedroom to be bright but not white (see what I did there) because I’m not a cleaning person. Don’t get me wrong I don’t live in a mountain of my own mess but if I can’t see dirt at first glance it’s clean in my opinion.

Another thing I wanted was a feature wall, not because everyone has one but because I could go creative without being OTT. So hunting I search, far and wide to find my wallpaper, days without food and water…what you don’t believe me? Ok fine I sat on my ass searching online for a few hours. Which lead me to Paris themed wallpaper and that’s how I got my theme!


So when people walk in it’s the first thing they see and compliment (not sure if they’re lying but we’re going with it). Next thing was I wanted a place for my makeup, by this time I had a decent collection and it was becoming a big part of my life. So on the search I go again, god my life is hard, hours pass by and boom! Hello Ikea and your shiny ‘you know you want to buy me’ furniture. Now I said before no white and hate cleaning, this is not the case with makeup my friend! My makeup is my baby and I take very good care of it, so I purchased this Micke desk with a drawer underneath for my baby to store it.

However, I have too many babies and they all didn’t fit so another piece of Ikea furniture came along. I was planning on an Alex six drawer but my budget was being stretched already (meaning way over!) so downgrade and sad face I continue my search. Two finger scrolls later I found the Helmer drawer unit. Not the best but good for the moment and fits my children perfectly.


Now god must have liked me the next day because my brother had new furniture coming and his unwanted bed and closet was white…come to mama! I like my furniture to match and it was too good of an offer to miss, oh hello spare budget money. From there came décor pieces, storage unit, etc. To the room you see together, it’s not finished and by no means perfect but it’s mine and I love it!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed.

Much Love 



2 thoughts on “The Start Of A Beautiful Room

  1. Wow I love this! I’m a sucker for wilkos! They have some good home decor! Your room is gorgeous sweetie!
    Gabriella @

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